Samsung upgrade program, Galaxy Note 7 will be replaced by Galaxy S8


Samsung upgrade program. What all you should know about it.

Samsung’s most ill-fated phone, yes you got it right Galaxy Note 7 and Note 7 edge are popular these days not because of its features but because of its tendency to get overheated and ultimately blast. Several Airline companies have totally banned the passengers who were carrying these smartphones as they called it a threat to passenger security. The device has been brutally underestimated because of performance issues also. To eradicate these problems and maintain their brand name samsung will be coming up with its new Samsung upgrade program.

How the Samsung upgrade program will work ?

Note 7 Customers will have to pocket out 50% of the cost of what they paid to purchase their old phone and also they will get 50% discount on cost they pay for any LCD repairs and a single user can obtain this repair facility for 2 times only.

For the time being the Samsung upgrade program has been announced only in South Korea and people who has already exchanged their note7 unit for Galaxy S7/S7 Edge will be eligible for it. People who are interested in such a deal will get the details shortly as they are announced. However these is recently no word on when this Samsung upgrade program will actually launch in the global market. The expected dates are still to be announced and are eagerly awaited by the affected users.

The users say that Samsung is playing it intelligently and is going to recover the money they have lost in their badly proclaimed handset Note 7, Some users are aggressive enough and want that samsung should replace their faulty phone and should provide them as a replacement without any associated cost. However taking an insurance while purchasing such phone is always a wise choice.