Facts about Goverdhan Puja you must know

Diwali is a festival of lights but before Diwali there is a special kind of festival that is celebrated in india, this is know as Goverdhan Puja, here are some of the facts about Goverdhan Puja you must know.

Goverdhan Puja also celebrated as Annakut Puja is celebrated to remember the victory of lord krishna over the arrogance of Lord Indra. One of the important Facts about Goverdhan Puja is that on this special occasion the followers wear precious stones like ruby, diamond etc.


In Indian culture during Annakut puja people worship their cattle and farms for a good produce every year and bring happiness to their families. It is believed that Lord Krishna picked up the Goverdhan Hill over the people just to save them from the rain which was a trick by Lord Indra to impose his supremacy over the devotees and hence on every Goverdhan Puja day, A heap of Cow dung is piled up to represent a mountain and people decorate them with flowers and stuff to make it more beautiful and take its rounds while remembring lord krishna.This puja is Celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal in parts of Uttar Pradesh, Himachal, Punjab and Harayana which generates the main produce for india.


Goverdhan Puja Quote :

Prem se krishna ka naam japo
Dil ki har iccha poori hogi
Krishna aaradhana mein talleen ho jaao
Unki mahima, jeewan khushhaal kar degi.