How to say NO when someone asks you for money. Stop being a banker to everyone


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Struggling with How to say NO when someone close to you  ?

Friends and family are the ones who helps you when you are in need but when they ask you for money, this can be something very intimidating, this situation puts you in question whether the person will return the money back or not, whether he/she has ever lend you anything or not?

Everyone in their lifetime once goes through this situation and this is the main reason when money becomes evil and also becomes the main reason for unpleasantness in relationships.

Here is 3 things you can do to manage such situations.

1. Offer help in other ways.
Tell that person that you are also going through a rough financial time and that if there is anything else you could help him with except money then you are ready to do so without even a second thought. You can suggest him some other measures or references from where he/she could get money. Suggesting other friends might increase some amount of rage in the borrower but you have to calm him down in any case because you are not paying anything to him.

2. Always NEVER disclose your financial details.

Bragging about your salary can sometimes be very non-profitable for oneself. The chances are increased that someone will out of the bloom will ask you for monetary help. So to avoid that you can always keep in mind that you do not need to disclose whatever you earn. How to say NO when someone is a very difficult task but you will master it once you know actually how to.

3. Try to be direct and Short.

Try the following lines

I am so sorry i am not in a position to lend money to you .

I am sorry but no, i have my own expenses to be met

This is really not feasible for me.