What girls really expect from boys

what girls expect from boysWhile being with a girl in a relationship there are few things that you must know about your partner (the girl), something which forms a pillar in your relationship and make it either strong or loosen up your bond.

First of being which: Her parents

Every boy should understand and learn this by heart that a girl will always respect and expect you if you show utter respect to her parents. Yes it’s not at all a difficult task that you specially have to do for her. Like your parents are important for you similarly the girl expects the same kind of respect from you for her parents.

Girls Want Care:

Yes, that is too obvious to say that girls are impressed with the way you care for her. Asking about her day, the stuff she enjoys, the nature of people she is comfortable with and yes what makes her happy. Try to provide her with everything you could do to get these things and remember the more you are informed about the girl the happier you and your relationship is.

Mood swings:

As all the fellow men might agree to this point that girls often go through mood swings which can be a bit stressful for the boy, she might suddenly start complaining about things you are not responsible for, shout on you for apparently no reason. At this point of time you boys have to understand that there are certain natural phenomena’s which make them feel frustrated and much more irritated than what boys can even think of. Try to calm your girl by writing a poem or singing her a song, or sending her jokes. Try to put your ego aside and calmly listen to the girl and make sure you find a very apt solution to her every problem. Special Advice: – yes keep your voice tone very polite.


Often we have a misconception that girls like shopping, and they shop all the time just for fun. Well boys have to understand like computer games are stress busters for them, similarly girls find shopping as their ultimate source of stress buster. Yes at times you may find that they are spending too much money of yours on things but yes have a brave heart and let her shop.


Well girls like when they get attention what they expect, they are not hardcore attention seekers but yes they like when boys greet them with good comments. They like when boys spend time with them, remember important dates, and keeps a record of what she likes and what not.