Eye reading techniques, guess whats in those eyes


Knowing someone is something different but reading the eyes of the person is a great piece of art. It is indeed the most important and difficult part of learning how body languages effects our daily lives.

According to the third law of motion that every action has an equal and opposite reaction and our eyes are known as the windows of our souls. Besides providing us just sight our eyes tend to express more emotions with the nonverbal signs, for which you need to know the following Eye reading Techniques

Blocking eye focus

People who are blinking their eyes too much or covering their eyes with a hand, these gestures present a view of disagreement and disbelief. Blocking the eyes literally means that what they are able to see is not at all what they want to see. So they next time if you find a client of yours blocking their eyes you can start assuming it’s time to talk about something more happening and interesting.



Pupillometry is the art of observing the pupils in our eyes. It is today a well distinguished fact that when you are on a romantic date with your nearest and dearest the pupils of your eyes remains dilated, these dilated (widened) pupils show how much the person is aroused and also get a correct view that something or the other is making the environment more pleasing present in the surrounding. This strategy is used by advertisers a lot. They pupils of the women in the ads mostly widened as this represent their product look more interesting and welcoming.


According to a study pupillary responses of males and females were greater when they were exposed to pictures of the opposite sex.


One day or the other you must all have faced an angry teacher looking at you like she will kill you right away squinting her eyes and showing a feeling of suspicion. Such squinting of eyes represents an emotion of anger and amaze. If you find anyone squinting their eyes while you are talking to them clarify your point immediately.



Eyes brows are very vital part of the body for predicting the mode the person is carrying. One raised eyebrow shows the feeling of congeniality and interest in the current topic being discussed. It also generates a feeling of confidence to the speaker that his audience in hoping to learn something from them.

Both raised eyebrows displays the feeling of either tremendous amaze or extreme stress. When you are too stressed out you just raise both your eyebrows and its almost every time comes with a big yawn. Or when you are too much astonished by the presenter/environment in front of you.


Women often pluck their eyebrows high up to their forehead just to look more helpless, By following such practices they are able to actually discharges male hormones in their brains to protect and guard the gender.


Gazing at a person can mean a lot of things, for instance if you hold your focus and gaze for a bit longer, this shows the sentiment of disguise or disagreement. However studies have evolved this translations of Eye reading Techniques in totally a new manner. The studies suggest that if you want to be intimate with a person have a look from their eyes to their mouth and then to the lower body of the person. Be sure you are not becoming vulgar while doing this at it make take a wrong turn otherwise.

Comment below with other Eye reading Techniques you might have noticed while talking with your friends and loved ones.