Flaky skin remedies – the magic solution


Just like our clothes changes with a change in weather conditions. Similarly, our skin treatment differs in diverse weather conditions. These weather changes from summer to winter and winter to summer makes our skin texture flaky. At this time, the resistance of body is reduced due to infections like cough and cold, indigestion, flu. Moreover, dust particles easily rest on skin making our skin dull, flaky and acne prone.

Many of you must be having a problem of oily and flaky skin at a same time. Thus, difficult for you to decide your skin tone whether it is normal, dry. Oily or combination. Here are awesome effective flaky skin remedies which will rejuvenate your skin.

Warm shower over hot shower

In cold days, hot showers may be relaxing for few seconds but its consequences are equally bad. It not only dries out the skin but also strips out natural oils from the skin. Using warm water instead will help your skin retain moisture leaving a glowing skin thereafter. Even warm shower should be used for not more than 20 minutes.

Mild, foaming cleansers

Fragrance free cleansers and foaming cleansers have a creamy texture. They actually helps the skin to look smooth and removes the unwanted flaky skin. Using alcohol free toners after cleansers does not clog pores and gives your skin a bounce.you can use rose water as toner.


Another point to add to flaky skin remedies is using lotions or creams instead of lighter moisturizers or serums. Lotions are just like food for our skin and we just ignore it.

Best time of applying lotion is just after the warm shower bath. Our skin locks moisture most quickly at that time.

Less scrubs, facial peels and bleaches

At the time of weather changes, we tend to think of smooth blemish free skin and we use scrubs harshly on skin hoping for cleaning skin but that is wrong. Even if you want to use scrub use gently. Just Avoid bleaches and facials as skin can react oppositely otherwise. It’s most adoptable flaky skin remedies.

Healthy diet and plenty amount of water.

Water helps in flushing toxins out of our body & it’s actually easiest medicine available everywhere. Healthy diet includes nuts, almonds and seasonal fruits. Avoid uncooked foods as there is possibility of germs during changing weather. Create a daily routine and if possible follow the Ayurvedic Dincharya to become aware of your body and energize your mind.

Vitamin E capsules

Add vitamin E capsules in body lotion and see the magic. They help in brightening and shedding the dead skin cells and proves to be effective flaky skin remedy.

Sensitive hair care

Oh yes! Hot oil massage at night and combing thereafter removes dandruff and flaky skin on scalp. Remember dandruff can be a cause of facial acne hence it is more important to remove it. Combing your hair daily also has many benefits.

Lustrous plump pink lips!

Washing and scrubbing lips with a toothbrush for less than a minute will make lips soft and supple. Apply coconut oil or milk cream thereafter for moisturizing.

Huh! No more cracked foot.

Feet care is equally important as facial care. It takes time to heel. Thicker creams serve as a effective flaky skin remedies for feet. For fast better results, wear a loose socks after applying cream.

Weather changes can make skin flaky but taking precautions beforehand can result in youthful glowing skin.So what are you waiting for. Start making these flaky skin remedies as a part of your life. Feel free to give feedback !