4 Deadly combinations food you should never eat together


Food is our fuel but sometimes if taken in wrong combinations can put a toll over your health and can actually harm you. Here are 4 Deadly combinations food you should never eat together.

1. Milk and Salt

According to Ayurveda, milk and salt is one of the most deadliest combinations that one could ever eat together. Regular use of this combination may cause skin problems which includes rashes on skin, psoriasis, eczema and can even make you skin flaky and patchy. Even salt should not be taken with anything that is made from milk which includes yogurt, paneer etc.

2. Milk and Fish

Bad news for fish lovers, if you eat fish with milk this can certainly harm your health and is a deadly combinations food.

3. Hot and Cold

You must be one of the person who always prefer a bottle of coke with your pizza. But it is indeed a very bad practice to have foods which are opposite in nature. Think of an example what happends when you put water over a highly heated pan. What happens ? It gives out smoke . Yes the same thing happens to your stomach . Our body keeps on generating heat from inside and while we are eating this inner heat is increased manifolds and if we drink cold stuff just after eating that it cases production of gas and make your stomach bloat like anything.

4. Coke and Mentos

This is the most dangerous combination when compared to anything, Mentos contains certain ingredients which when mixed with coke become Cyanide which can instantly cause death once it is consumed.

We always want you to eat healthy and be fit.

Image source : activitydeck.com