Mint Rice/Pudina Rice Recipe, the traditional style.


Have you at any point attempted Mint Rice/Pudina Rice Recipe? In the event that you did, you certainly would love it for its tasty taste and sound delicious ! It is likewise incredible in light of the fact that you can add diverse fixings to make your mark dish that everybody is certain to love! It is an adaptable rice dish that runs with numerous backups including curries, plates of mixed greens, straightforward vegan dishes, and so on.

Greetings everyone,it has been long time i posted formulas in my blog.Due to some individual work i would not post recipes.Today i accompanied straightforward and delightful rice recipe that is mint rice/pudina rice.It is anything but difficult to get ready and when you cook this rice,the entire house will be loaded with mint aroma.

How to make  Mint Rice/Pudina Rice.


Oil-2 to 3tbsp
Basmatic rice-1cup
Grated coconut-2tbsp
Tamarind -small lemon sized
Salt as per taste
Green chillies-7nos

For Seasoning :
Mustard seeds-1/2tsp
Bengal gram dal-1tsp
Broken cashew nuts-1tbsp
Curry leaves few
Black gram dal-1tsp



  • Cook rice till each grain is separate.Spread the rice over a broad plate to cool.
  • Heat a tsp.of oil and fry green chillies and mint leaves till the leaves shrink.Grind it along with coconut,tamarind and salt.
  • Heat rest of the oil,fry the seasonings and then with finely cut onions till it becomes crisp.Add ground masala paste and fry few minutes till good smell comes from it.
  • Reduce the flame and add cooked rice.Mix gently till rice becomes hot and then serve with papad.